Dr. Jay Eackles

Clinical Audiologist

I knew I wanted to make my living and support myself and my family by helping people. Something in the health-related field perhaps. I grew up in the small town of Luray Virginia, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, and enjoyed hiking and camping in the surrounding Blue Ridge and Massanutten mountains. My parents were both educators, and although there was some appeal to that, I really wanted to do something different. Other possibilities included being a pharmacist or hospital administrator, but something was missing. Those careers simply didn’t grab me.

That changed after speaking to an older cousin who was an audiologist in the Air Force. “The ear equivalent of an optometrist” is how he described the profession, and I was hooked! Growing up listening to classic rock music I was already interested in the science of sound and acoustics; why not put those interests to work?

Fast forward 30 years and how fortunate I have been to have helped literally thousands of patients protect and improve their hearing. Many more have had their balance or vertigo issues evaluated and treated. It is incredibly rewarding to know that I have made a positive difference in a person’s life by making it easier for them to hear and communicate with family, friends and co-workers. My commitment to the profession was further demonstrated by going back to school and obtaining my doctorate degree in 2010. My sister in law is the third doctor of audiology in our family. Each of us gets great satisfaction from improving the quality of life for all the patients we can.

I would welcome the opportunity to help make a difference in your life. I am only a phone call away.