Dr. Eric Hecker

Clinical Audiologist

As a second generation Audiologist, it appeared I was destined to follow my fathers’ footsteps. However, growing-up I knew little about my father’s profession. I spent Saturdays cleaning the office and was aware of a “big box” in the middle of a room with lots of equipment in and around it. I knew my father tested hearing, but was naive about what that entailed. Upon completing my undergraduate degree in biology at Virginia Tech, I spent a few months working in the practice while I searched for a “real” job. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my father, his compassion for his patients, and his technical expertise as he administered various tests. It was then I decided to pursue a career in audiology, receiving my Ph. D. from UVA in 1994.

I enjoy the scientific aspect of my profession, determining if and why a hearing loss is present, but the greatest satisfaction comes from the personal interaction with my patients. I’m privileged to know many of my patients on a very personal level, their hobbies and family members, where they like to travel and how well they’re playing golf. When I’m able to help a patient, …friend…, hear better I know their quality of life has been improved and I feel fortunate I could help them better connect to the their world.