Cleanliness and Better Hearing Go Hand in Hand

How have your devices been holding up? Chances are, if you’ve been keeping up with regular maintenance to help them stay clean, they’re working exactly the way you want them to! Cleanliness for hearing aids is especially important these days, as they’re essentially miniature computers that you wear in your ears, helping your brain process sounds and better understand speech.

But we know what happens when technology doesn’t stay clean: Generally, it doesn’t operate correctly. AGX® Hearing has you covered with new, essential cleaning products to keep your technology working the way you want — and to keep you hearing your best.

    PerfectDry® LUX: This fast-drying disinfector stores your hearing aids in a high-efficiency chamber that removes accumulated moisture from your devices. The disinfection system reaches all surfaces of the hearing aid, eliminating more than 99% of fungus and bacteria known to cause itching and infections in the ear canal. If you’re experiencing recurring irritation in and around your ear, this is the accessory for you.

    Cleaning Spray: This spray is specifically designed for regular cleaning of your hearing aids, to dissolve earwax that can impede sound quality while keeping the devices safe. Regular use of this spray helps prevent skin irritation and eczema.

    Cleaning Wipes: Ideal for quick cleanings when they’re necessary, these wipes contain a surface-active agent that helps clean off earwax and won’t damage hearing aids. Daily cleaning using these wipes will increase the life of your devices and help keep them working effectively for you.