Dr. Alexa Yowell sitting for an interview.


Dr. Hecker & Associates’ own Dr. Alexa Yowell, Au.D., recently took to the airwaves to share her expertise on all things audiological. Andy Harris from 92.3-FM interviewed her on WYDaily’s The Tide! Dr. Yowell discussed the comprehensive range of services Dr. Hecker & Associates offers. She explained our focus on identifying and addressing hearing and balance disorders across all age groups — including newborn hearing tests, regular hearing exams, and vestibular testing for balance issues.


In an entertaining back-and-forth filled with local pride, Dr. Yowell emphasized that what sets Dr. Hecker and Associates apart is their commitment to hearing health through education and prevention. Dr. Yowell punctuated this by explaining Dr. Hecker & Associates’ extensive hearing conservation programs and personalized patient counseling on hearing loss and processing. She also spread the word about their specialized services, like custom musician earplugs to safeguard hearing in noisy environments.


Speaking of hearing protection — host, Andy Harris, spoke of the impact that Dr. Hecker & Associates has had on the local community. He thanked Dr. Yowell for the work the practice does with the local Anheuser Bush factory, administering their hearing tests and making sure that their employees are taking the proper precautions and using hearing protection to prevent hearing loss.


Dr. Yowell sounded like she was beaming as she told the host that the practice was established in 1974 as Virginia’s first audiology practice. She went on to say that Dr. Hecker and Associates pride themselves on their longstanding dedication to the holistic hearing care of their community, and, as they celebrate their 50th anniversary, they continue to prioritize patient education and support. To celebrate this big anniversary, Dr. Yowell dropped the news that the practice will offer special events and prizes to express gratitude to their loyal patients.


Dr. Yowell snuck in a reminder about the importance of regular hearing screenings, particularly in today’s world where noise exposure is ever-present. She stressed the significance of hearing tests for all ages and recommended yearly testing for those with identified hearing loss.


If the radio program inspires you to seek expert audiological care, Dr. Hecker and Associates provides convenient appointment scheduling through their website or by phone.


To listen to the full interview with Dr. Alexa Yowell, Au.D., visit WYDaily’s The Tide.