African-American woman using her smartphone

Many hearing aids can now connect to your smartphone utilizing Bluetooth technology. The steps to connecting your smartphone to Bluetooth, and pairing with your hearing aids, varies by hearing aid model and by smartphone.

We’ve put together some general instructions to help you get started:

If screen shows hearing aids and phone are not connected (red “X”):

  • Double click “home” button and swipe “up” on app to close
  • Open/close hearing aid battery doors OR place hearing aids back in the charger for 5 seconds and remove
  • Open app and you will see a white bar loading on bottom
  • Hearing aids should now be connected

If hearing aids still do not connect:

  • Close the app (double click the home button and swipe up on the app)
  • Open up “settings”
  • Find “general”
  • Click on “accessibility” – **In phones with the newest iOs update, the accessibility menus will be just below the general menu. In phones running older iOs, the accessibility menus is within the “general” menu
  • Scroll until you find “mfi Hearing devices”
  • Make sure the text that says “[Patient’s name] Hearing Aids” is lit up in blue text
  • If not- click on “forget hearing devices”
  • Open/close battery doors
  • Click on text that says “[Patient’s name] hearing aids”
  • Select “Pair” (this will happen twice)
  • NOW go back into the app and the hearing aids should be connected